Seed Cultures


Preserving the diversity of seeds available to our communities is not limited to just things we can plant in the ground. Seed cultures are living cultures that feed off common kitchen items like flour, tea, sugar, milk and water. These cultures use what we give them and transform, ferment it, into something similar but teeming with good bacteria and life. Our species evolved with these good bacteria until industrial food production/germ theory preservation methods such as pasteurization became the norm convenient to corporations, replacing thousands of year old evolution and traditional food preservation practices. These seed cultures originate in different places all over the world from different cultures of people who recognized the benefits of fermentation and our symbiotic relationship with good bacteria and its role in maintaining & increasing our health while helping to fight off bad bacteria and disease. These are just some of the more common, easy to propagate & available seed cultures that we would like to offer those interested in decolonizing their diets.

Email us at if your interested in picking up a seed culture, or if you have extra seed cultures you’d like to donate to the library! Strikeout means unavailable at the moment/in need of donations. You can still put your name on a waiting list though!

  • Kombucha Scoby (live)
  • Jun Scoby (live)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Scoby (live)
  • Water Kefir Grains (live)
  • Milk Kefir Grains (live)
  • Sourdough Starter (Dried)
  • Ropey Villi Yogurt Starter (Dried)
  • Creamy Villi Yogurt Starter (Dried)
  • Matsoni Yogurt Starter (Dried)
  • Greek Yogurt Starter (Dried)
  • Piima Yogurt Starter (Dried)


Interested in learning more? Check out these facebook groups!

Wild Fermentation

Kombucha Nation

Fermenters Kitchen

or some of these web sites:

Wild Fermentation

56 Awesome Fermented Food Recipes

Nourished Kitchen

Killer Pickles

Doms Kefir Site

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