The purpose of the East Van Seed Library is to provide free, open pollinated & organic seeds to indigenous peoples & gardeners in East Vancouver & the lower mainland. And more importantly, for them to grow, save & replace an equal or greater amount of seed that they borrowed, at the end of the season. In this way, we will have many more times the amount of west coast adapted, next generation seeds to offer in the coming years of this project. The greater intention is to aid in maintaining the genetic diversity of our mother’s seeds, by putting them in as many hands as possible. EVSL – An Indigenous & Anarchist Food Security Project.


Our start-up year (2014) will include mostly common garden plants that are easy & reliable to seed save without cross-pollinating. Next year, when we have better resources & seed saving guides to distribute, we will be offering more tricky plants to seed save from properly, such as leeks, cabbage, broccoli etc…. In the coming years of this project we will be working more towards collecting and receiving donations of local, Wild Indigenous plant seeds to rewild our areas and gardens with, such as Stinging Nettle, Kinnickinick, Huckleberries, Wild nodding Onion, Plantain, Cloudberry, Salal,  etc. As fun as it is to grow plants originating from all over the world, our primary focus should be on making more efforts to re-wild the land we live on as it was before colonization to preserve the genetic diversity of native species as well as the globalized garden varieties.


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